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Unfortunately, many candles are made from refined paraffin wax, a byproduct of the oil industry that pollutes the air when burning with carcinogenic soot and can irritate lungs. Most are also scented with synthetic fragrances that can cause headaches and exacerbate allergy symptoms.

This is why many are turning to eco friendly natural candles when it’s time to cozy up for the evening. Candles made from natural waxes such as stearin give the cleanest, longest burn. We have more about stearin vs paraffin candles.

Every candle on our website is non-toxic and many have earned extra eco-points for sustainable packaging.

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These luxurious products tend to be vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and eco-conscious in their processes too. Better for the air quality in your home therefore better for you and also for the planet in general.
Mila Kunit

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Check out these toxic free and unscented candles for inspiration.

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