Benefits of Stearin Wax

Candles made from wax, such as stearin, burn cleaner and brighter and produce less soot and they drip less than candles made from paraffin wax

Highest Quality

Products bearing the RAL label are low in soot and smoke.

Award Winning

Made from sustainably sourced raw, natural ingredients, our candles have won many awards

Environment Friendy

Candles made of animal and plant materials are generally found to be safe and environmentally friendly

UK Shipping

At the present time we only ship to addresses in the UK

Stearin gives the best light

Stearin is made from renewable raw materials, unlike paraffin, which is made from fossil raw materials such as oil.

There are strict requirements on how much soot particles a candle may emit when it is burned and that it must not contain substances that are harmful to the environment or otherwise dangerous to humans and animals. 

Our Amazing Team

See the people behind the scene

Melissa Peterson

Creative Head

Nicolas Anderson

Marketing Director

Annette Ferintor

Brand Designer

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