Stearin Candles

Eco Friendly Stearin candles. Stearin is a pure economically friendly, plant based material rather than petroleum, with the added benefit of being very clean burning,
Landon Peters

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Enlightening Candle Quotes

“What distinguishes a candle from other lights is that it appeals to our soul, not our eyes!”

“I believe that it’s better to light one candle than to promise a million light bulbs.”

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”

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Windproof outdoor candles that burn for 5-6 hours without blowing out!

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Discover your ideal Pillar Candle from our wide range of sizes

Unscented stearin tea lights, 6 hour burn time

Unscented stearin dinner candles, smoke free and dripless

Wide range of quality church candles, slow burning, smoke free

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Excellent long burning candle. Looks great and burns really evenly. Gives a nice flame. No drips either. Would definitely buy again.


London UK

Decided to give this brand a try and I think I have found my perfect candle!! Burns beautifully – no overflow at any point. Ordering 24 today!


Brighton UK

Unscented. Longgg burning. Not sure how I stumbled upon this brand but have repeatedly purchased the pillar candles


Oxford UK